School Council

Meeting Minutes

Future meetings for 2023-2024 will be held on: 

September 26th,

October 31st,

November 28th,

January 30th, 

February 27th, 

March 26th, 

April 30th, 

May 28th. 

All meetings will run approximately 1 hour.  Meeting minutes will be made available on this page. 

Please feel free to contact your members of the school council regarding any school issue(s) you wish addressed. 

School council members are: 


  Parent Representative:   Ms. Sherry Kearley

 Parent Representative:   Ms. Kathy Bolt

 Community Representative:  Ms. Gail Bolt

Community Representative:  Mrs. Sheena Bolt-Dominix

Teacher Representative: Mr. Stefan Hayse

Teacher Representative: Ms. Erin Dwyer

Principal:  Mr. Brent Gill

 Student Representative:  Miranda Clarke

 Student Representative:  Braden McCarthy